Myrah Henna & Natural Hair Colors
Myrah Henna & Natural Hair Colors is a range of plant-based natural hair colors.
At Myrah, we believe in nature and offer the most traditional way of managing the beauty of your hair. We believe in maintaining hair using nature’s own natural ingredients.
Our vision is to:
  • Make hair beautiful by naturally coloring it, Conditioning it.
  • Strengthen your hair and scalp from within.
  • Maintaining its natural shine, keeping scalp issues at bay.
  • Using Myrah as a stress-free experience to nurture and color your hair naturally as it is non-allergic.
We believe in pure Henna, which is the base of all our products which has been used traditionally for thousands of years across continents to nourish and color your hair. We believe in no chemicals to keep your hair naturally safe.
All our products have henna, indigo, and herbs. Our focus is to supply 100% of safe products to our clients. We incorporate fashionable techniques to deliver the best product within the market.
Our products are 100 percent Natural with Halal and Organic certification approved by relevant authorities.