Multi Purpose Cleanser

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The Botanist
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Who says that plants are no good for cleaning one’s house?

The Botanist’s multi-purpose cleaner is the most powerful natural cleaning product on the market for your everyday use. This 100% pure virgin olive oil Castile Soap based can get rid of the strongest stains or can be used just to clean gently a delicate surface.

The Botanist multi-purpose cleaner can be used everywhere in the house as any other general cleanser. Wipe with a cotton cloth or for tricky surfaces like stainless steel or marble, use a microfibres cloth.

The plus: at The Botanist, we don't use any fragrance or chemicals. We add real essential oils carefully chosen for their cleaning properties and to ensure a delicate clean smell in the room when you are done.

This product is vegan, sustainable, in a glass bottle that can be refilled, eco-friendly and 100% natural.

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