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The Botanist
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The Botanist’s wood wax is the perfect product to nourish and polish your wooden furniture. Bring life back to your cherished wooden cabinets, tables, and more. The wood can easily dry du to the sun, hot temperatures, and AC. The Botanist wax will make your furniture look like new ones!

Put a little knob of wood wax on the surface and with a clean soft cotton cloth rub gently following the wood grain.

For light color wood, do a test on a hidden surface as it can darken the colour slightly.

Very gentle on your skin.

The plus: at the Botanist we don't use any fragrance or chemicals. We add real essential oils carefully chosen for their cleaning properties and to ensure a delicate clean smell in the room when you are done.

This product is sustainable, in a little tin can, eco-friendly and 100% natural.

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