Moroccan Ghassoul Powder

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Moroccan Ghassoul Powder

What it is :
Moroccan Ghassoul Powder is known for its ability to absorb naturally all impurities from skin or hair while providing its mineral benefits.
Ghassoul is a volcanic land. It is used to absorbs dirt and eliminates imperfections, especially blackheads.
Prepare natural shampoos, degreasing and ridding the hair of all impurities without irritating the skin.

What it does:
Deep cleans - helps extract impurities for the face and body.

It helps replenish hair & delivers deep moisture.
Unveils softer recharged & revitalized hair.
Free of parabens petrolatum mineral oil & artificial colors.

How to use:
Mix Moroccan Ghassoul Powder with Aloe Juice, one teaspoon of argan oil and some drops of prickly pear oil for a Hair care Softening Hair Mask.

For body mix Moroccan Ghassoul Powder with mineral water or rose water.

Size: 200 gram

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